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Experience France's captivating blend of culture, history, and gastronomy.
Stroll along elegant boulevards, behold iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and indulge in exquisite French pastries.
From romantic walks along the Seine in Paris to the breathtaking chateaux of the Loire Valley, and the fantastic and elegant experience on a bateau-mouche, France offers memories that will last a lifetime.
Don't hesitate to embrace and enjoy an unparalleled journey in this enchanting country!

France's Best-Loved Locations!

A trip to France is a unique experience with a dream destination for those who love history, nature, and good food.

  • Paris
  • Loire Valley
  • Normandy
  • Bordeaux
  • Provence
  • French Riviera (Côte d’Azur)
  • Alsace
  • Champagne
  • Burgundy
  • Marseille
  • Lyon
  • Strasbourg
  • Lille
  • Mt. Saint Michel
  • Dordogne
  • Annecy
  • Nice
  • Saint-Tropez
  • Chamonix
  • Corsica
  • Brittany

Best Accommodations in France

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The Heart of French Gastronomy

French typical cuisine captures the very soul and heart of French culture.
Across the verdant valleys, bustling cities, and sun-kissed coasts, each region boasts distinct dishes and traditions. These culinary delights, rich in history and flavor, are meticulously crafted and celebrated, reflecting the nation's passion for food. They're not just recipes but stories, memories, and legacies passed down from generation to generation, serving as a testament to France's timeless love for gastronomy.

  • Coq au Vin
  • Boeuf Bourguignon
  • Ratatouille
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Foie Gras
  • Tarte Tatin
  • Croissant
  • Crêpes
  • Escargots de Bourgogne
  • Salade Niçoise
  • Cassoulet
  • Pot-au-Feu
  • Bouillabaisse
  • Chateaubriand Steak
  • Macarons

We intentionally left the names in original language so you can ask and be more sure about what you're looking for and ordering.
*In the future, we will create a section where we will also share recipes from local people.

Things you absolutely must do in 2023-2024

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Don't Forget to Do...

Here our top recommendations ensure complete immersion and unforgettable experiences.

Explore Paris:

No visit to France is complete without exploring its iconic capital. Visit world-famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral (under restoration), and the Champs-Élysées. Enjoy leisurely walks along the Seine River and savor delicious French cuisine at local cafes.

Lavender Harvesting:

During the lavender season (usually June to August), you can take part in lavender harvesting in Provence, enjoying the stunning purple fields and learning about the production process.

Châteaux of the Loire Valley:

Explore the Loire Valley's magnificent castles, such as Château de Chambord, Château de Chenonceau, and Château de Villandry. The region's architectural wonders offer a glimpse into France's royal history.

Cheese-Making Workshops:

Delve into the world of cheese by joining cheese-making workshops. Learn the techniques behind producing popular French cheeses like Camembert or Roquefort.

Perfume Creation:

Visit the perfume capital, Grasse, and attend workshops to create your own personalized fragrance, learning about the intricacies of perfume blending.

Art and Museums:

Immerse yourself in art and culture at world-renowned museums like the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Discover masterpieces by famous artists and explore diverse exhibitions.

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Live an Unforgettable Experience

Relive through traditions and events along the streets of France and take part in some of the country's most renowned events.

Accommodations in France - Travelbooq
If you’re keen on experiencing some of the best events in France, here are some top picks for you to check out:
  • Cannes Film Festival (Cannes)
  • Bastille Day (Across France)
  • Tour de France (Various regions of France)
  • Paris Fashion Week (Paris)
  • Fête de la Musique (Streets of France)
  • Nuit Blanche (Paris)
  • Nice Carnival (Nice)
  • Mont Saint-Michel Marathon (Mont Saint-Michel)
  • Lyon Festival of Lights (Lyon)
  • Avignon Festival (Avignon)
  • Paris Air Show (Paris)
  • La Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival) (Menton)
  • D-Day Anniversary (Normandy)
  • Château de Versailles Spectacles (Versailles)
  • Marseille International Documentary Festival (Marseille)
These festivals offer a variety of activities, including music, dance, theater, art, crafts, gastronomy, and history. They are a great opportunity to experience French culture and traditions.

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