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We offer something unique!

Unlike many competitors, does not charge any commissions on bookings.
Keep all your profit and offer the best prices to your guests in the market.
Free yourself from hidden costs and focus your resources on growing your business.

At we understand the challenges faced by owners and managers in such a competitive market.
That’s why we’ve created!


A simple and intuitive platform that allows booking any type of accommodation. 
Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Private Villas, Lodges, Unique accommodations, eco-friendly accommodations, etc..



Zero Commissions

Unlike many other platforms we do not charge any booking commissions.
Instead, we operate on a low fee that covers only the cost of web space and access to our Professional Dashboard.
This way you can retain all of your profits and provide your guests with the best prices.



Flexibile Payments

You can choose whether to charge bookings through our platform, at check-in, or via a direct external payment link outside the platform.
Adapt to your needs and offer a seamless payment experience to your guests.
Whichever way you choose, our booking commission will be 0%!



Enhance Your Property

Each property has its own dedicated web page, and all of them have the same graphic layout. 
(This is because we don’t want guests to get confused when searching for various information).
Quality Content:
we consider content such as high-quality photos and/or videos showcasing amenities like a spa, pool, jacuzzi, fitness room, and various recreational activities to be essential in capturing customers’ attention.
High-quality content not only improves the browsing experience but also enhances the product itself, inviting potential guests to better immerse themselves in the content provided.
Textual Description (The Conversion-Focused Copy):
an engaging descriptive text about your property, which we call “Conversion-focused copy,” is of fundamental importance.
It conveys the unique essence and distinctive features of the property, creating an immersive experience for potential customers.
With captivating and persuasive words, the text describes the amenities, services, and atmosphere of the property, sparking interest and stimulating bookings.
Well-crafted, conversion-oriented copy is key to transforming visitors into satisfied customers by communicating the value and extraordinary experience they can have at your property.



Social Media Integration

Social media channels rich in content are essential for an accommodation facility nowadays.
They offer a unique opportunity to showcase guest experiences, promote services, share special offers, and create an emotional connection with the audience.
Engaging content generates interest, interaction, and customer loyalty.
That’s why we have decided to include links to the most popular social media channels used worldwide.
Including links to social media channels is crucial for an accommodation facility.
In addition to showcasing additional content, the links offer guests the opportunity to seek further information or directly contact the team for specific inquiries.
We strongly believe it is an effective way to establish a direct dialogue, improve the customer experience, and provide personalized and timely service.



External Booking Link

Our UNIQUE service offers the possibility to link to the official website of the accommodation facility, creating a secure redirect from our site to theirs.
This advantage allows guests to access the most up-to-date information, exclusive special offers, and book directly and securely with the property itself.
We eliminate intermediaries, providing a personalized experience and enhancing transparency between, the property, and the guests.

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iCal synchronization

Thanks to the iCal synchronization service, all bookings are automatically updated.
By default, the iCal file synchronization is updated every 30 minutes.
to speed up this update, the only way is to import or export the file between various platforms like AirBnB or Booking.



Booking Requests

At, we primarily receive booking requests, giving you the opportunity to approve, cancel, or communicate directly with the guest to manage any inquiries.
This option allows you to evaluate booking requests based on specific criteria such as availability, guest profile, or other specific requirements of the property.
By using Booking Requests, managers can ensure a more tailored stay experience to meet the needs of the property and maintain a high level of quality.
Furthermore, this option helps better manage the capacity of the property and reduce the risk of overbooking, thus optimizing occupancy.



Istant Booking

Furthermore, we offer a service called Instant Booking, which, as the name suggests, is not a “request” but an actual reservation that is paid and approved instantly using our booking form on
The Instant Booking option is particularly recommended for hotel managers and owners who want to simplify the booking process for their customers.
By using this service, managers can guarantee an immediate and secure booking, eliminating the need for manual confirmations and reducing the risk of overbooking.
This increases convenience for guests and allows managers to maximize the occupancy of the property.
Additionally, using the Instant Booking service can increase the visibility of the hotel, as many people prefer to book properties with this option for added peace of mind and convenience.

we recommend excellent resource planning.
Instant Booking may require more careful resource management to ensure that there are rooms available for instant bookings.



Instant Messaging

At, we have implemented an integrated messaging system to simplify communication between guests and accommodation providers.
This tool is primarily intended to enable quick and efficient resolution of doubts or issues.
It also offers the opportunity to exchange important information and specific booking details, thus ensuring a better overall experience for all users.
This service is available exclusively for registered users who have logged into the site.
This ensures secure and protected communication between guests and accommodation providers, creating a reliable and confidential environment for information exchanges.



Digital Wallet & Payout

All payments made through can be managed independently.
We have provided a dedicated page called “Wallet” within your Professional Dashboard, where you can keep detailed track of all earnings derived from bookings made at your registered properties.
Furthermore, you will have the convenience of requesting a payout via bank transfer to collect your earnings.
***Note: If you do not wish to use this feature, you have the option to deactivate the instant booking option and direct guests to your official property website.
This way, they can make payments directly through your website.
We offer maximum flexibility to adapt to your needs and preferences.



My Booq! Page

Considering that your property’s web page becomes a source of detailed information, including contacts, social media channels, captivating descriptions, and appealing content for visitors and tourists from around the world, we have chosen to call it My Booq! Page on We strongly recommend sharing it through your social media channels or online as a simple link, providing a compact card with all the essential information about your property.

What benefits will you have?

Online Visibility: Sharing the link allows you to reach a wide online audience, increasing the visibility of your property and attracting potential customers from around the world. (Our team consists of SEO experts who will strive to optimize the preview of all Booq! Pages, thus improving visibility during shares.)

Complete Information: Your page contains detailed information about the property, including contacts, enticing descriptions, and social media channels. This provides users with a comprehensive overview of your offering and encourages them to book.

Ease of Access: With a simple click on the link, users can directly access your page, saving time in searching and providing them with a quick overview of the most important information about your property.

Convenience: Sharing the link is simple and convenient. You can share it on your social media channels, websites, emails, or any other online means. It’s a practical way to present your property without having to manually provide all the information to each interested party.

Easy Updates: In case there are changes in the information about your property, you can simply update the My Booq! Page, and the link will automatically share the updated information. This allows you to keep the audience informed without repeating the sharing process.



T-Booq Magazine

We are excited to present the T-Booq Magazine, a valuable resource for property owners, tourists, and travel enthusiasts.
The creation of high-quality articles is essential for the registered accommodations on our portal as it offers them the opportunity to share their story, uniqueness, and special offers with a wide audience.
Each article published in our magazine allows travelers to immerse themselves in your property, envision the authentic experience they could have, and find inspiration for their next journey.
Through the T-Booq Magazine, we forge a special connection between accommodations and travelers, providing an experience full of useful and reliable information.

Travelers want the sea, adventure and history

Our Main Goal is to have you with us!

We want as many accommodations worldwide as possible.

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We take care of everything! If you don't have time to enter the details of your business, we will synchronize the existing data from or your website to create your My Booq! Page!

Name of the decision maker or commercial development manager of the hotel property in question.
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*All prices are in Launch Promotion and will remain so for those who join this offer during this period.

Have more questions? differentiates itself from other booking platforms by not only refraining from charging any commissions on bookings but also by not imposing any additional fees on our users. Unlike competitors, Travelbooq operates on a low fee structure that solely covers the cost of web space and access to our comprehensive management platform. Our goal is to provide a transparent and cost-effective solution without burdening our users with any extra charges or hidden fees.
This is intended to be part of our company policy.

The advantage of zero commissions on bookings is that property owners can retain all of their profits and offer the best prices to their guests. By eliminating commissions, owners can focus their resources on growing their business without incurring hidden costs.

All the currently displayed payment plans are identical to each other, with the only difference being the duration of collaboration. We do not hide the fact that our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships, which is also aimed at ensuring content and materials for our users/visitors.

Yes, property owners or managers can enter/edit all the information about their property on They can showcase eye-catching photos, provide compelling descriptions to capture attention, highlight the features of the property, and emphasize the services offered. They will also have the option to link their official website or a specific page to support their ongoing marketing strategy.
* (However, each modification will be subject to approval by our team to ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations and other behavioral policies.).

Including the link to social media channels is important as it encourages curious visitors to learn more about the property and seek additional information. We aim to provide the best browsing experience. As we all know, on many online platforms, it has become tiresome and frustrating to search for information without encountering SPAM advertisements or irrelevant sponsored content. That’s why, at, we want the visitor’s attention to be solely focused on what interests them at that moment, namely your property.

Yes, property owners can synchronize their availability calendar with iCal. By default, the iCal file synchronization updates every 30 minutes. Currently, to speed up this update, you can change the import time from other sources.
Property owners can add a link to the property’s iCal file, for example from, and import their calendar into their property’s page on This helps avoid any risk of overbooking. The reservation dates for your accommodation on will be marked as booked in your property’s page on This functionality also works with any other calendar software that allows importing/exporting dates in the ics/ical format. provides 24/7 support to registered property owners and managers who have purchased at least one of the paid plans. Support is provided via phone, instant messaging, or email. If owners encounter any issues or need assistance, they can reach out to the support team for prompt help and resolution.

Yes, property owners have the flexibility to decide whether to charge bookings through the platform, at check-in, or via a direct payment link. This allows owners to adapt to their specific needs and provide a hassle-free payment experience for their guests. can assist property owners with their marketing strategy by providing a comprehensive and customized web page for their property, showcasing captivating images, detailed descriptions (better with a conversion-focused copy), and services offered. Additionally, owners can link their official website or specific pages, further supporting their marketing efforts.

Yes, property owners can link their official website to their property’s page on This allows potential guests to access more information about the property directly from the official website, supporting the owner’s overall marketing efforts and providing a seamless experience for guests.

The booking management system provided by includes a range of additional services and features such as verified ownership badge, direct contact information, social media channel links, instant messaging service, engaging promotional video, availability calendar, and iCal synchronization. These features contribute to an efficient and streamlined booking management process.

Property owners can verify ownership of their property on through the verified ownership badge. This badge adds credibility and trust to the property’s listing, assuring guests that they are dealing with the legitimate owner or manager of the property.
This is only possible not only by purchasing at least one of our plans but also by providing all the truthful data of the company owning the property.

Certainly! And we expect you to offer the best prices on the market because on, we do not charge any commissions from owners or booking fees from guests.

Yes, you can cancel your registration on at any time. Simply contact customer support and provide the necessary information to proceed with the cancellation.

Start working today with us! is truly much more than all of this.
Choose the plan you desire, register your property, and start working today.
Join us and agree to work together, we assure you that you will be part of an incredible and groundbreaking idea.

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