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Meet the Team behind Travelbooq

Meet the Team

The new commission-free and transparent tourist web portal.
A fantastic haven for accommodation owners and travel enthusiasts.

Meet the team responsible for creating a better way to work online and offering an exceptional travel experience.
Our goal will be to create many new job opportunities by offering the possibility to work remotely, as we firmly believe that work should always be available, while also recognizing the importance of embracing a fulfilling life.


Where Originality Meets Travel :

Our Brand:

At, we believe in the power of originality to create a lasting impression. That’s why our brand name features a unique twist – the letter “b” is always written in lowercase to mirror the letter “q.” This unconventional design choice sets us apart and reflects our commitment to offering something refreshingly different.

The word “booq” shares the same sound as “book,” evoking the sense of adventure and discovery that comes with exploring new places. It adds a touch of curiosity and intrigue to our brand, capturing the essence of what we offer – a portal for booking unforgettable travel experiences.

On our website, you will frequently come across the phrase “Booq Now!” This playful play on words encourages you to seize the moment and embark on your next travel adventure. We hope you find this original and whimsical approach enjoyable and memorable.

With our introduction complete, we warmly welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.
Feel free to explore and make the most of your stay.

What We Offer

- We create travel itineraries for you perfect trip

We offer the creation of detailed travel itineraries to make your experiences unforgettable.
With our dedicated assistance, we provide all the necessary information for your journey, including must-visit locations, attractions not to be missed, and tips to fully enjoy each destination.
Sign up and be part of our large community of travelers, you can engage and seek support for any difficulties abroad.
We are here to make your journey unique and unforgettable.

- Worldwide Accommodations

Our portal is growing more and more, and one of our goals is to have direct contact with all the accommodations around the world, including the most special, unique, and affordable ones.
We cater to accommodations for families, young people, explorers, and travelers alike.
Our company policy does not involve any commission for accommodation owners or for those who book through our platform.
This way, we can guarantee the best prices for the finest accommodations.

- Web Development Services

We have noticed that many accommodations do not have a dedicated official website available.
That’s why we offer competitively priced websites for accommodations in collaboration with a specialized development team.
If you want to enhance the visibility of your lodging and reach a broader audience, we can help you establish a professional online presence.
Harness the potential of the web to attract more customers and provide clear and detailed information about your services.
With our industry experience, we will develop a customized website that meets your needs and improves your online visibility.
This includes all the services we offer on

- Copywriting and Advertising Graphics

Through our copywriting services, we write articles for our portal and for anyone seeking to discover the world through travel curiosities and experiences.
Additionally, we offer copywriting services for accommodations listed on our portal, enhancing their visibility and effectively describing the offered services.
To increase local visibility, we also provide advertising graphics to be displayed within dedicated spaces on our portal.
By selecting the right texts and graphics, you will be able to attract and engage a wider audience.

- Travel Tips and Essential Accessories

In addition to our services, we share tips based on our experience to help you choose the essential accessories, clothing, and items for your travels.
We understand the importance of being prepared and having the right equipment to make your journeys comfortable and safe.
With our recommendations, you can make informed choices and be ready to embrace every adventure.
We are here to make your travels more enjoyable and memorable.

Passionate Travelers, Experience Experts

Our Team:

We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate travelers who work with dedication and commitment to provide an extraordinary web experience to all our visitors. We understand the desires and needs of travelers because we share the same passion for exploration and discovery.

What sets apart from other portals is our drive to go beyond the usual online expectations. That’s why we have included sections dedicated to coworking spaces, catering to the needs of professionals who work while traveling. 

We have created TravelBooq as an exclusive search portal for accommodations, focusing solely on stays and vacations. It is a web space that will not feature anything unrelated to tourism. So, no advertisements from non-tourism companies or search results that lead to anything other than what you’re looking for. We have concentrated our efforts to provide a dedicated environment and a wide selection of quality accommodations worldwide.

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Join our community in discovering the best travel tips, top hotels, and accommodations worldwide.
Stay updated on the beauty of nature and our planet, and the importance of preserving it for future generations.