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Category: Travelers’ stories and unique experiences

New York Solo Travel Guide | Travelbooq

New York City: there’s no other metropolis quite like it in the world. When you step out of the airport

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A Luxury Experience at Amangiri, Utah – A Desert Beneath the Stars | Travelbooq

When you think about the epitome of luxury, Amangiri in Utah should inevitably cross your mind. In the heart of

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The Ultimate Luxury Experience at Badrutt’s Palace, St. Moritz | Travelbooq

Nestled amidst the snow-capped Swiss Alps, Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz offers more than just a luxurious stay; it provides

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Unique Hotel Locations: Extreme Stays | Travelbooq

Imagine being surrounded by the turquoise sea as you drift to sleep in an underwater bedroom. Or picture yourself waking

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